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Environmental Monitoring of River Prießnietz, Using 3D-Model with Agisoft Photoscan
The general ​aim of the ​project is to ​make a basis ​for a future ​assessment in ​environmental ​monitoring ​using a 3D ​model of a ​small tributary ​which is ​modified and ​created in ​AgiSoft ​PhotoScan ​software. ​

There is no ​sampling ​involved in ​this project ​and no ​monitoring ​assessment will ​be done yet ​after the ​project. It is ​inferred that ​3D modelling ​could help in ​doing future ​study when ​there is a need ​of evaluating ​and monitoring ​the river bank ​and surrounding ​environment. ​

This report ​has successfully ​demonstrated ​the importance ​and the ​versatility of ​using Agisoft ​for 3D ​modelling for ​the purpose of ​environmental ​monitoring. The ​experiment has
Environmental Monitoring of River Prießn[...]
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Water Resources of the Tigris River Catchment
The Tigris River is one of the longest rivers in western Asia. Its length is about 1800 km. It drains a catchment area of 473103 km2 divided in 4 countries (Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq). About 23 million people live within this catchment. The flow of the River Tigris is decreasing with time due to the construction of dams and climate change. The discharge of the Tigris River at Baghdad was 1,207 m3/s for the period 1931-1960 and since 2000 onward it is 522m3/s. Riparian countries (mainly Iraq and Iran) arefacing water shortage problems. This requires prudent regional and national cooperation and management to overcome this problem.
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Spatial Measurement of Bed Load Transport in Tigris River
Using Helley Smith sampler, 288 bed loadsamples were collected from 16 cross
sections along 18 km reach length of Tigris River within Baghdad. The spatial
distribution of sampling along the reach took into consideration the variance of
river topography where 7 meanders, 2 islands and several bank depositions
characterize the geometry of the river. The implemented regulation schemes on
Tigris River have reduced 44% of water discharges compared to previous period.
The spatial variance in topography was effectively scattering the results of the
applied twenty bed load formulas. The study results indicated that the complicated
geometry of the river reach makes finding a unique representative
bed load formula alon
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Statistical Analysis of Dez River Water Quality , Southwest of Iran
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Zooplankton and Water Quality of the Ishim River in Northern Kazakhstan
The article presents data on a reconnaissance survey of the ecological condition in the middle reaches of the Ishim River in North Kazakhstan oblast. An assessment based on bioindication methods is given for the ecological condition of the river. The research presents data on the saprobity and quantitative indicators of zooplankton at different river stations. The presence of Ergasilus sieboldi Nordmann has been identified in the Sergeevskoe reservoir.

Zooplankton and Water Quality of the Ishim River in Northern Kazakhstan (PDF Download Available). Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/280696854_Zooplankton_and_Water_Quality_of_the_Ishim_River_in_Northern_Kazakhstan [accessed Oct 18 2017].
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A New Distinctively Colored Catfish of the Genus Pareiorhaphis (Siluriformes: Loricariidae) from the Rio Piracicaba, Upper Rio Doce Basin, Brazil
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A new species of Parotocinclus (Siluriformes: Loricariidae) from the rio São Francisco basin, southeastern Brazil
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