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Climate change-induced increases in precipitation are reducing the potential for solar ultraviolet radiation to inactivate pathogens in surface waters
Climate change is accelerating the release of dissolved organic matter (DOM) to inland and coastal waters through increases in precipitation, thawing of permafrost, and changes in vegetation. Our modeling approach suggests that the selective absorption of ultraviolet radiation (UV) by DOM decreases the valuable ecosystem service wherein sunlight inactivates waterborne pathogens. Here we highlight the sensitivity of waterborne pathogens of humans and wildlife to solar UV, and use the DNA action spectrum to model how differences in water transparency and incident sunlight alter the ability of UV to inactivate waterborne pathogens. A case study demonstrates how heavy precipitation events can reduce the solar inactivation potential in Lake Michigan, which provides drinking water to over 10 mil
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Zooplankton and Water Quality of the Ishim River in Northern Kazakhstan
The article presents data on a reconnaissance survey of the ecological condition in the middle reaches of the Ishim River in North Kazakhstan oblast. An assessment based on bioindication methods is given for the ecological condition of the river. The research presents data on the saprobity and quantitative indicators of zooplankton at different river stations. The presence of Ergasilus sieboldi Nordmann has been identified in the Sergeevskoe reservoir.

Zooplankton and Water Quality of the Ishim River in Northern Kazakhstan (PDF Download Available). Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/280696854_Zooplankton_and_Water_Quality_of_the_Ishim_River_in_Northern_Kazakhstan [accessed Oct 18 2017].
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