Adi Seno Abyoga
7 days ago May 17, 2018

Environmental Monitoring of River Prießnietz, Using 3D-Model with Agisoft Photoscan

Environmental ​Monitoring of ​River ​Prieß​nietz, Dresden, ​Germany using ​3D-Model with ​Agisoft ​Photoscan ​


The general ​aim of the ​project is to ​make a basis ​for a future ​assessment in ​environmental ​monitoring ​using a 3D ​model of a ​small tributary ​which is ​modified and ​created in ​AgiSoft ​PhotoScan ​software. ​

There is no ​sampling ​involved in ​this project ​and no ​monitoring ​assessment will ​be done yet ​after the ​project. It is ​inferred that ​3D modelling ​could help in ​doing future ​study when ​there is a need ​of evaluating ​and monitoring ​the river bank ​and surrounding ​environment. ​

This report ​has successfully ​demonstrated ​the importance ​and the ​versatility of ​using Agisoft ​for 3D ​modelling for ​the purpose of ​environmental ​monitoring. The ​experiment has ​been done using ​digital camera ​with a ​conventional ​lens and ​neither ground ​control points ​or GPS were ​used. ​

Despite that ​and the low ​quality was ​used in some of ​the sequences, ​results were ​achieved in ​quite fast ​amount of time. ​

KEYWORDS : ​Agisoft ​Photoscan; ​Environmental ​Monitoring; 3D ​Model ​Construction; ​River ​Monitoring ​

Find the full ​study in the ​attachment ​

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